Sheikh Zayed, Giza.


Daily, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM



Rivulet has a total area of 9,000 square meters of which 4,000 are built, accommodates 28 stores.

The complex is a stretch of a fine selection of shops, cafés, restaurants & services, designed to encourage a pleasurable pedestrian experience in a buzzing and vibrant setting.

It is strategically located at the Mehwar Road, which makes it readily and easily accessible not only to October and Sheikh Zayed area but to key districts including Mohandiseen, Zamalek, Dokki & Downtown, generating massive flow and visibility.

Meticulously designed and inspired by contemporary modern architecture, Rivulet boasts an array of water features and nuances intended to create a pleasurable and memorable experience for visitors.

With a varied mix of commercial, dining & leisure pursuits, ranging from restaurants, cafés to stylish shopping outlets to basics services, everything you require can be found and done at Rivulet.

This in-turn encourages potential flow as what this place offers covers more than the needs of a niche market.


Since Rivulet is located in a dividing promenade between 2 medical towers that accommodate up to 158 clinics. This by default generates prospects and passers-by, thus a regular flow of visitors is expected.

For those visitors Rivulet serves as a natural waiting or meeting point.


The Twin Towers complex is crowned with two standing tall towers – the medical towers. These two towers stand majestically following two office buildings that host an elegantly designed shopping center and wide variety of coffee shops and restaurants.

El Kasrawy Group

The complex is owned by Kasrawy group which operates in business since 1979. Over the years El Kasrawy Group has continuously improved the presence and the performance in Egypt, showing a deep knowledge of the Egyptian market and proving the ability in managing different aspects of our business.

The group works in various industries most significantly automotive, real estate, tourism and transportation.

As a group we put high significance on customer’s satisfaction and best quality services.

Focusing on Rivulet, as a group we did our best to develop an outstanding project in terms of designs, facilities, qualities and services.